January 27, 2003


Rhode Island College Wrestling Update #6

(7-9 Overall; 2-5 in the NECCWA; 0-0 in the Pilgrim League)

Providence, RI--Head Coach Jay Jonesí team is 7-9 overall, 2-5 in the NECCWA and 0-0 in the Pilgrim League. RIC dropped all four of its matches this week. The Anchormen opened the week with a tough loss to long-time rival WPI, 26-15, on Jan 22. RIC took part in the annual NECCWA Duals, hosted by Coast Guard this year, on Jan. 25. The Anchormen finished eighth , dropping closely contested matches to Trinity, 24-16, Wesleyan, 21-19, and WPI 20-20 (lost on a tiebreaker).

Senior Mike Riley (Lowell, MA) is 18-3 at 133 lbs. with 75 points, 79 takedowns, 23 escapes, three reversals, 23 escapes, 13 near-falls and one pin. Riley is ranked number one in New England at 133 lbs. (Div. III). He placed first at 133 lbs. at the Roger Williams Invitational (11/16) and second at the Doug Parker Invitational (11/23).

Sophomore Justin Deveau (North Attleboro, MA) is 23-4 at 197 lbs. with 103 points, 39 takedowns, seven reversals, 20 escapes, 16 near-falls and eight pins. Deveau is ranked number two in New England at 197 lbs. (Div. III). Deveau has won his last 12 matches, with four by way of pin. He placed first at 197 lbs. at the Doug Parker Invitational (11/23) and third at the Roger Williams Invitational (11/16).

Freshman Carlos Lopez (Lowell, MA) is 20-11 at 157 lbs. with 76 points, 53 takedowns, one reversal, 28 escapes, four near-falls and three pins.

Sophomore Keith Nelson (Rhinebeck, NY) is 19-15 at 174 lbs. with 72 points, 36 takedowns, seven reversals, 48 escapes, 13 near-falls and four pins. He placed third at 165 lbs. at the Doug Parker Invitational (11/23) and fifth at the Roger Williams Invitational (11/16).

Sophomore Matt Kelly (Carver, MA) is 16-12 at 141 lbs. with 73 points, 19 takedowns, three reversals, 20 escapes, nine near-falls and seven pins. He placed fourth at 141 lbs. at the Doug Parker Invitational (11/23).

Sophomore Eddy German (Providence, RI) is 10-17 at 125 lbs. with 49 points, 25 takedowns, three reversals, 22 escapes, two near falls and one pin.

Sophomore Tim Robblee (Wakefield, MA) is 8-10 at 157 lbs. with 39 points, 14 takedowns, four reversals, 20 escapes, three near-falls and five pins.

Freshman Todd Bloom (Wantagh, NY) is 6-10 at 141 lbs. with 21 points, 15 takedowns, one reversal, 10 escapes, four near-falls and one pin.

Sophomore Gerard LaBonte (Harrisville, RI) is 6-10 at 174 lbs. with 24 points, nine takedowns, three reversals, 21 escapes, four near-falls and two pins.

Freshman Arty Privedenyuk (Springfield, MA) is 4-7 at 157 lbs. with 16 points, seven takedowns, eight reversals, 11 escapes, six near-falls and one pin.

Freshman B.J. Atkinson (Danbury, CT) is 4-9 at 285 lbs. with 21 points, seven takedowns, one reversal, eight escapes, three near-falls and three pins.

Freshman Richard Chute (Wrentham, MA) is 6-7 at 133 lbs. with 25 points, 16 takedowns, seven reversals, 14 escapes and three near-falls.

Freshman Andrew Algarin (Leominster, MA) is 5-4 at 285 lbs. with 24 points, five takedowns, three escapes and three pins.

Sophomore Ryan Klupt (North Providence, RI) is 3-13 at 184 lbs. with nine points, nine takedowns, two reversals, ten escapes and one near-fall.

Sophomore Andre LaBonte (Harrisville, RI) is 3-6 at 197 lbs. with nine points, five takedowns, two reversals, 17 escapes and three near-falls.

Junior Steve Signore (North Providence, RI) is 2-10 at 184 lbs. with seven points, 20 takedowns, 19 escapes and two near-falls.

Senior Mike Penza (Cranston, RI) is 2-12 at 149 lbs. with 12 points, five takedowns, 17 escapes and two pins.

Freshman Dennis Stone (Danbury, CT) is 2-8 at 165 lbs. with nine points, nine takedowns, three reversals, nine escapes, three near-falls and one pin.

Freshman Vito Tedesco (Johnston, RI) is 2-5 at 149 lbs. with six points, four takedowns, three reversals, five escapes and two near-falls.

Sophomore Amos Traystman (Oakdale, CT) is 1-2 at 141 lbs. with three points, one takedown, and two escapes.

Freshman James Bradford (Johnston, RI) is 0-4 at 125 lbs. with one takedown, and seven escapes.

Sophomore Rob Petit (Foxboro, MA) is 0-3 at 165 lbs. with three escapes and one near-fall.

In upcoming action, RIC will travel to Western New England on Wednesday, Jan. 29.




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