2nd Period Play-by-Play

  Johnson & Wales vs. Rhode Island College
  Date: 12/05/17 • Site: Providence, RI (The Murray Center)

2nd Period Play-by-Play
00:00RicmbbGOOD! LAYUP by CJ DonaldsonJwumbb 70 - Ricmbb 62(Jwumbb by 8)
  REBOUND (DEF) by CJ Donaldson
00:08JwumbbMISSED LAYUP by Brian Hogan-Gary
00:36RicmbbGOOD! LAYUP by CJ DonaldsonJwumbb 70 - Ricmbb 60(Jwumbb by 10)
  REBOUND (OFF) by CJ Donaldson
00:38JwumbbBLOCK by Matt Madoian
00:38RicmbbMISSED JUMPER by Roosevelt Shider
  REBOUND (DEF) by Adham Floyd
00:49JwumbbMISSED JUMPER by Brian Hogan-Gary
  ASSIST by Roosevelt Shider
01:03RicmbbGOOD! LAYUP by Justin CampbellJwumbb 70 - Ricmbb 58(Jwumbb by 12)
01:29JwumbbGOOD! JUMPER by Brian Hogan-Gary (in the paint)Jwumbb 70 - Ricmbb 56(Jwumbb by 14)
01:59JwumbbBLOCK by Matt Madoian
01:59RicmbbMISSED LAYUP by Justin Campbell
  REBOUND (DEF) by Roosevelt Shider
02:05JwumbbMISSED LAYUP by Brian Hogan-Gary
  REBOUND (DEF) by Randal Ferdinand
02:11RicmbbMISSED LAYUP by CJ Donaldson
  REBOUND (DEF) by Justin Campbell
02:21JwumbbMISSED JUMPER by Brian Hogan-Gary
02:48JwumbbTIMEOUT 30sec
02:50RicmbbGOOD! LAYUP by CJ DonaldsonJwumbb 68 - Ricmbb 56(Jwumbb by 12)
  REBOUND (OFF) by CJ Donaldson
02:53RicmbbMISSED JUMPER by Chris Farrington
03:13JwumbbGOOD! LAYUP by Jarell LawsonJwumbb 68 - Ricmbb 54(Jwumbb by 14)
03:31RicmbbGOOD! JUMPER by Chris FarringtonJwumbb 66 - Ricmbb 54(Jwumbb by 12)
  ASSIST by Brian Hogan-Gary
03:48JwumbbGOOD! LAYUP by Randal FerdinandJwumbb 66 - Ricmbb 52(Jwumbb by 14)
  ASSIST by Roosevelt Shider
04:14RicmbbGOOD! LAYUP by Justin CampbellJwumbb 64 - Ricmbb 52(Jwumbb by 12)
04:29JwumbbGOOD! JUMPER by Jarell LawsonJwumbb 64 - Ricmbb 50(Jwumbb by 14)
  REBOUND (DEF) by Randal Ferdinand
04:59RicmbbMISSED FT SHOT by Roosevelt Shider
04:59JwumbbFOUL by Justin Bullock (T6P2)
04:59RicmbbGOOD! LAYUP by Roosevelt ShiderJwumbb 62 - Ricmbb 50(Jwumbb by 12)
05:08JwumbbBLOCK by Jarell Lawson
05:08RicmbbMISSED LAYUP by Justin Campbell
  REBOUND (OFF) by Justin Campbell
05:10RicmbbMISSED LAYUP by Chris Farrington
  REBOUND (DEF) by Justin Campbell
05:24JwumbbMISSED FT SHOT by Brian Hogan-Gary
05:24JwumbbMISSED FT SHOT by Brian Hogan-Gary
05:24RicmbbFOUL by CJ Donaldson (T10P3)
  REBOUND (OFF) by Brian Hogan-Gary
05:26JwumbbMISSED 3 PTR by Jarell Lawson
05:49RicmbbTURNOVR by Adham Floyd
05:49RicmbbFOUL by Adham Floyd (T9P3)
05:51RicmbbSTEAL by CJ Donaldson
05:53JwumbbTURNOVR by Matt Madoian
  REBOUND (DEF) by Justin Bullock
05:59RicmbbMISSED JUMPER by CJ Donaldson
06:24JwumbbGOOD! LAYUP by Jarell Lawson (fastbreak)Jwumbb 62 - Ricmbb 48(Jwumbb by 14)
06:30JwumbbSTEAL by Jarell Lawson
06:31RicmbbTURNOVR by Adham Floyd
06:34JwumbbTURNOVR by Jarell Lawson
  REBOUND (DEF) by Jarell Lawson
06:36RicmbbMISSED LAYUP by Chris Farrington
06:41JwumbbTURNOVR by Matt Madoian
06:55RicmbbTURNOVR by Justin Campbell
07:08JwumbbGOOD! LAYUP by Randal FerdinandJwumbb 60 - Ricmbb 48(Jwumbb by 12)
  REBOUND (OFF) by Randal Ferdinand
07:11JwumbbMISSED LAYUP by Jarell Lawson
07:16JwumbbSTEAL by Matt Madoian
07:17RicmbbTURNOVR by CJ Donaldson
  REBOUND (DEF) by Chris Farrington
07:40JwumbbMISSED FT SHOT by Matt Madoian
07:40JwumbbGOOD! FT SHOT by Matt MadoianJwumbb 58 - Ricmbb 48(Jwumbb by 10)
07:40RicmbbFOUL by Chris Farrington (T8P1)
  REBOUND (DEF) by Jarell Lawson
07:53RicmbbMISSED 3 PTR by Adham Floyd
08:02JwumbbFOUL by Justin Bullock (T5P1)
  ASSIST by Randal Ferdinand
08:14JwumbbGOOD! JUMPER by Justin BullockJwumbb 57 - Ricmbb 48(Jwumbb by 9)
08:30RicmbbGOOD! LAYUP by Roosevelt ShiderJwumbb 55 - Ricmbb 48(Jwumbb by 7)
  ASSIST by Randal Ferdinand
09:03JwumbbGOOD! LAYUP by Matt MadoianJwumbb 55 - Ricmbb 46(Jwumbb by 9)
  ASSIST by Roosevelt Shider
09:21RicmbbGOOD! LAYUP by Justin CampbellJwumbb 53 - Ricmbb 46(Jwumbb by 7)
09:27RicmbbMISSED LAYUP by Adham Floyd
  ASSIST by Brian Hogan-Gary
10:01JwumbbGOOD! LAYUP by Jarell Lawson (fastbreak)Jwumbb 53 - Ricmbb 44(Jwumbb by 9)
  REBOUND (DEF) by Brian Hogan-Gary
10:06JwumbbBLOCK by Randal Ferdinand
10:06RicmbbMISSED LAYUP by Mike Valelli
10:19RicmbbTIMEOUT 30sec
10:19JwumbbTURNOVR by Justin Bullock
  REBOUND (DEF) by Brian Hogan-Gary
10:26RicmbbMISSED LAYUP by CJ Donaldson
  REBOUND (OFF) by CJ Donaldson
10:30RicmbbMISSED LAYUP by Adham Floyd
10:45JwumbbGOOD! LAYUP by Randal Ferdinand (fastbreak)Jwumbb 51 - Ricmbb 44(Jwumbb by 7)
  REBOUND (DEF) by Justin Bullock
10:55RicmbbMISSED 3 PTR by Chris Farrington
  REBOUND (DEF) by Mike Valelli
11:02JwumbbMISSED JUMPER by Justin Bullock
11:24RicmbbGOOD! JUMPER by Chris FarringtonJwumbb 49 - Ricmbb 44(Jwumbb by 5)
  REBOUND (DEF) by Adham Floyd
11:37JwumbbMISSED FT SHOT by Brian Hogan-Gary
11:37RicmbbFOUL by Mike Valelli (T7P1)
  REBOUND (OFF) by Brian Hogan-Gary
11:41JwumbbMISSED LAYUP by Justin Bullock
11:43JwumbbSTEAL by Jarell Lawson
11:45RicmbbTURNOVR by Jonatan Batista
11:49JwumbbGOOD! FT SHOT by Jarell LawsonJwumbb 49 - Ricmbb 42(Jwumbb by 7)
11:49JwumbbGOOD! FT SHOT by Jarell LawsonJwumbb 48 - Ricmbb 42(Jwumbb by 6)
11:49RicmbbFOUL by AJ Pettway (T6P2)
11:53RicmbbFOUL by Adham Floyd (T5P2)
  REBOUND (DEF) by Brian Hogan-Gary
12:00RicmbbMISSED 3 PTR by Chris Farrington
12:24JwumbbGOOD! LAYUP by Brian Hogan-GaryJwumbb 47 - Ricmbb 42(Jwumbb by 5)
12:57RicmbbGOOD! FT SHOT by AJ PettwayJwumbb 45 - Ricmbb 42(Jwumbb by 3)
12:57RicmbbGOOD! FT SHOT by AJ PettwayJwumbb 45 - Ricmbb 41(Jwumbb by 4)
12:57JwumbbFOUL by Brian Hogan-Gary (T4P2)
12:59RicmbbSTEAL by Mike Valelli
13:00JwumbbTURNOVR by Brian Hogan-Gary
  ASSIST by Chris Farrington
13:14RicmbbGOOD! 3 PTR by Jonatan BatistaJwumbb 45 - Ricmbb 40(Jwumbb by 5)
13:36JwumbbGOOD! DUNK by Brian Hogan-GaryJwumbb 45 - Ricmbb 37(Jwumbb by 8)
13:48RicmbbFOUL by CJ Donaldson (T4P2)
13:48JwumbbSTEAL by Matt Madoian
13:48RicmbbTURNOVR by CJ Donaldson
13:51RicmbbSTEAL by CJ Donaldson
13:53JwumbbTURNOVR by Matt Madoian
  REBOUND (DEF) by Jarell Lawson
14:10RicmbbMISSED FT SHOT by Chris Farrington
14:10RicmbbGOOD! FT SHOT by Chris FarringtonJwumbb 43 - Ricmbb 37(Jwumbb by 6)
14:10JwumbbFOUL by Jarell Lawson (T3P2)
14:33JwumbbMISSED JUMPER by Randal Ferdinand
14:42RicmbbFOUL by Adham Floyd (T3P1)
14:56RicmbbGOOD! LAYUP by Roosevelt ShiderJwumbb 43 - Ricmbb 36(Jwumbb by 7)
  ASSIST by Nate Patenude
15:22JwumbbGOOD! JUMPER by Matt Madoian (in the paint)Jwumbb 43 - Ricmbb 34(Jwumbb by 9)
  ASSIST by CJ Donaldson
15:39RicmbbGOOD! 3 PTR by Jonatan BatistaJwumbb 41 - Ricmbb 34(Jwumbb by 7)
15:59JwumbbFOUL by Brian Hogan-Gary (T2P1)
16:03JwumbbGOOD! FT SHOT by Brian Hogan-GaryJwumbb 41 - Ricmbb 31(Jwumbb by 10)
16:04JwumbbMISSED FT SHOT by Brian Hogan-Gary
16:04RicmbbFOUL by Justin Campbell (T2P3)
  ASSIST by Adham Floyd
16:19RicmbbGOOD! 3 PTR by Chris FarringtonJwumbb 40 - Ricmbb 31(Jwumbb by 9)
  REBOUND (DEF) by Adham Floyd
16:25JwumbbMISSED 3 PTR by Jarell Lawson
16:29JwumbbMISSED JUMPER by Matt Madoian
  ASSIST by CJ Donaldson
16:51RicmbbGOOD! JUMPER by Chris FarringtonJwumbb 40 - Ricmbb 28(Jwumbb by 12)
  ASSIST by Jarell Lawson
16:58JwumbbGOOD! DUNK by Brian Hogan-GaryJwumbb 40 - Ricmbb 26(Jwumbb by 14)
17:01JwumbbSTEAL by Matt Madoian
17:03RicmbbTURNOVR by CJ Donaldson
17:14JwumbbTURNOVR by Matt Madoian
17:14JwumbbFOUL by Matt Madoian (T1P3)
17:22RicmbbFOUL by Roosevelt Shider (T1P1)
17:29RicmbbGOOD! LAYUP by Chris FarringtonJwumbb 38 - Ricmbb 26(Jwumbb by 12)
18:14JwumbbMISSED JUMPER by Jamari Johnson
18:26RicmbbMISSED LAYUP by CJ Donaldson
18:35JwumbbGOOD! LAYUP by Nate PatenudeJwumbb 38 - Ricmbb 24(Jwumbb by 14)
18:38JwumbbSTEAL by Nate Patenude
18:40RicmbbTURNOVR by Chris Farrington
  REBOUND (DEF) by Chris Farrington
18:46JwumbbMISSED JUMPER by Brian Hogan-Gary
  REBOUND (OFF) by Jarell Lawson
18:51JwumbbMISSED 3 PTR by Nate Patenude
19:10RicmbbGOOD! LAYUP by Justin CampbellJwumbb 36 - Ricmbb 24(Jwumbb by 12)
  REBOUND (OFF) by Justin Campbell
19:13RicmbbMISSED 3 PTR by Chris Farrington
  REBOUND (DEF) by Roosevelt Shider
19:33JwumbbMISSED JUMPER by Matt Madoian
19:46RicmbbGOOD! JUMPER by Chris FarringtonJwumbb 36 - Ricmbb 22(Jwumbb by 14)