Kyle Teixeira Re-Writes RIC Record Books

By: Michael Christie, Athletics Media Relations Intern


It has been 30 years since a Rhode Island College men’s soccer player has done what sophomore forward Kyle Teixeira (Warren, RI) has done this season. In 1973, Dominico Petrarca ‘77 scored 22 goals that season, while this year, Teixeira has scored 24 to set the new single-season RIC record for goals scored. Petrarca’s three-decade-old record fell at home on Oct. 22 in a, 3-1, victory over Wentworth when Teixeira beautifully headed a cross into the top right corner of the goal giving the Anchormen an early lead.


Having success putting the ball into the net is nothing new for Teixeira. He showed the ability to score in his first season at RIC during 2002 season when he tallied 41 points on 18 goals and five assists. In 2003, Teixeira concluded the regular season with 54 points on 24 goals and six assists. He has seven game-winning goals and has scored a goal or assisted on a goal in 16 of RIC’s 18 games. The team is also enjoying a good bit of success as they concluded the Little East Conference season by finishing 5-2, good for third place, the best LEC finish for RIC since 1990.


Teixeira’s consistent ability to score, with opponents at times specifically designing defenses to stop him, is an accomplishment all its own. “You just have to work harder,” says Teixeira. “You know that they are going to put pressure on you and there’s going to be a guy on you the whole time.” Despite being responsible for 56 percent of RIC’s offense, Teixeira still somehow finds the miniscule openings he needs. He says he gets in position by “having a mindset that tells me I have to work twice as hard to get a goal and that is something I am willing to do.”


Now everyone knows that Kyle Teixeira is a goal-scorer, but how does a player become a goal-scorer? Head Coach Len Mercurio credits Teixeira’s technical and innate soccer abilities. “His competitiveness,” says Mercurio. “Plus his ability to dribble past defenders and finish off his chances [help him score goals].” Teixeira says about his scoring ability, “It’s mostly your teammates getting you the ball and just being in the right position then making sure you put the chances away.” Prior to becoming a forward, there were thoughts of making Teixeira a game-pace controlling midfielder because of his ability to pass the ball. “When he first came here, there was the dilemma of whether he is a better passer or scorer,” remembers Mercurio, “There is no doubt that Kyle helps the team in passing, which can be seen in his six assists.” Although Teixeira has the ability to play midfield, with all the success he’s had at forward, there’s little doubt that he is currently in the most beneficial position on the field.


So with this regular season complete, Kyle Teixeira has his name atop one of RIC’s record lists and he still has two seasons to go. With the single-season goal record his, Teixeira is now setting his sites on a couple of career marks. He is currently second on the RIC career points and goals list just 52 points and 20 goals behind Petrarca. When asked about owning records, Teixeira said he would have to wait awhile before feeling the full effect. “Right now, it doesn’t mean a lot to me because we are still playing,” says Teixeira, “Maybe later on in life when I look back, it will probably mean a lot knowing that I have these records. But presently, we are just looking to be as successful as possible, as a team, and that is all that matters right now.”