Saturday, November 11         Campus Recreation Center Field House

Bristol, RI…Roger Williams posted a score of 136 to place second behind only Johnson & Wales which totaled 152 points to take the title at the 16th Annual Roger Williams University Invitational Tournament.

1) Johnson & Wales             152

2) Roger Williams                 136

3) Bridgewater State             129.5

4) Southern Maine                110.5

5) Norwich                           103.5

6) Rhode Island College       72.5

7) MIT                                 63

8) Western New England      46.5

9) WPI                                 44.5

10) Stevens Tech                  43

11) Coast Guard                  36.5

12) NY Maritime                  18


125-1st Place: Brandon McDonough (JWU) 11-1 over Mike Bastante (JWU)

125-3rd Place: Dan Bloom (Wesleyan) 6-3 over Anthony Nicolicchia (RWU)

125-5th Place: Carl Anderson (WPI) 7-3 over Jay Mahoney (RWU)

133-1st Place: Matt Smith (JWU) 9-1 over Matt Ulrich (USM)

133-3rd Place: Stephan Valastro (USM) 17-2 over Jacob Gire (Trinity)

133-5th Place: Josh Wildes (Wesleyan) injury default over Trevor Vernon (RWU)

141-1st Place: Mike Conklin (Norwich) pinned Andy Lacroix (RWU)

141-3rd Place: Mike Bonora (RIC) 4-3 over Stephen Eberle (JWU)

141-5th Place: John Marsh (BSC) 10-2 over Roman Walsh (WPI)

149-1st Place: Jake Rivers (Norwich) 7-3 over Frank Cammisa (BSC)

149-3rd Place: Chris Wells (JWU) 4-2 over Mike Morin (USM)

149-5th Place: Robbie Crothers (RWU) injury default over Mike Dumas (USM)

157-1st Place: Dan DeLalla (Wesleyan) pinned Edward Scholtz (MIT)

157-3rd Place: Tom Hennessey (BSC) pinned CJ McCormick (RWU)

157-5th Place: Bryan Radik (CGA) 11-10 over Kyle Rodgers (RWU)

165-1st Place: Steve Martell (JWU) 3-1 over Jared Czarneski (RWU)

165-3rd Place: Brandon MacWhinnie (Stevens) 16-0 over Greg Hurd (Wesleyan)

165-5th Place: Jeff Esposti (BSC) medical forfeit over Arty Privedenyuk (RIC)

174-1st Place: John Fralick (BSC) 8-2 over Jerome Owens (JWU)

174-3rd Place: James Woods (RWU) 5-4 over Pat Hogan (USM)

174-5th Place: Lawrence Loomis (WPI) 17-3 over Chris Mixon (Wesleyan)

184-1st Place: James Quinlan (BSC) pinned Rob Schoner (USM)

184-3rd Place: Dan Woods (RWU) 6-5 over Nick Logan (RIC)

184-5th Place: Craig Tomalo (NYM) 3-2 over Alex Whitney (Norwich)

197-1st Place: Anthony Damico (BSC) 6-4 over Joe Silverman (MIT)

197-3rd Place: Rick LaGrega (Norwich) pinned Nick Rankin (WNEC)

197-5th Place: Mike Viscariello (RWU) 10-5 over Pat Kumf (Trinity)

285-1st Place: Mike Labeef (WNEC) 4-1 over Andrew Algarin (RIC)

285-3rd Place: Marquise Johnson (JWU) 8-2 over Cody Lightfoot (Norwich)

285-5th Place: Sean Jameson (MIT) pinned John Russo (RWU)

Most Outstanding Lightweight Wrestler: Mike Conklin - Norwich

Most Outstanding Upperweight Wrestler: John Fralick – Bridgewater State