January 29, 2008




RIC Continues to Shine in Weekly NEWA Rankings




Providence, RIóThe Rhode Island College wrestling team, currently ranked No. 2 in New England, has eight wrestlers ranked in the most recent New England Wrestling Association (NEWA) Weekly Individual rankings.




Senior Mike Bonora (Nutley, NJ) is ranked No. 1 in the nation (Div. III) and in New England at 141 lbs. He is currently 29-2 with 105 takedowns, eight reversals, 31 near-falls and eight pins.


Sophomore Mike Martini (Cranston, RI) is ranked No. 1 at 157 lbs. He is currently 26-5 with 50 takedowns, 13 reversals, 14 near-falls and six pins.


Freshman Brian Hoyt (Sussex, NJ) is ranked No. 3 at 125 lbs. He is 5-4 with 10 takedowns, seven reversals, six near-falls and three pins.


Freshman Travis Drappi (West Orange, NJ) is ranked No. 5 at 133 lbs. He is 17-9 with 27 takedowns, five reversals, 14 near-falls and five pins.


Senior Kevin Davis (Amston, CT) is ranked No. 4 at 197 lbs. He is 17-6 with 19 takedowns, 11 reversals, 12 near-falls and six pins.


Junior Nick Logan (Lowell, MA) is ranked No. 4 at 184 lbs. He is 24-6 with 57 takedowns, three reversals, 13 near-falls and a team-best 11 pins.


Senior Brendan Casey (Lowell, MA) is ranked No. 4 at 174 lbs. He is 13-5 with 37 takedowns, two reversals and two pins.


Freshman Kevin Sutherland (Dauphin, PA) is ranked No. 6 at 149 lbs. He is 21-9 with 34 takedowns, six reversals, 19 near-falls and four pins.


Head Coach Jay Jonesí team is currently 11-2 overall, 7-1 against New England Wrestling Association (NEWA) opponents and 1-0 in the Pilgrim Wrestling League.