February 19, 2008




Anchormen Hold at No. 3 in New England Poll
Heading Into NEWA Championships




Providence, RIóThe Rhode Island College wrestling team, currently ranked No. 3 in New England and No. 22 in the nation, has eight wrestlers ranked in the most recent New England Wrestling Association (NEWA) Weekly Individual rankings. This is the final poll before the Anchormen travel to Southern Maine on Saturday and Sunday, Feb. 23-24 to take part in the New England Championships.




Senior Mike Bonora (Nutley, NJ) is ranked No. 1 in the nation (Div. III) and in New England at 141 lbs. He is currently 35-2 with 122 takedowns, nine reversals, 32 near-falls and eight pins.


Sophomore Mike Martini (Cranston, RI) is ranked No. 1 in New England at 157 lbs. He is currently 30-7 with 55 takedowns, 14 reversals, 18 near-falls and seven pins.


Senior Kevin Davis (Amston, CT) is ranked No. 4 at 197 lbs. He is 21-9 with 21 takedowns, 11 reversals, 15 near-falls and six pins.


Junior Nick Logan (Lowell, MA) is ranked No. 4 at 184 lbs. He is 29-7 with 66 takedowns, four reversals, 15 near-falls and a team-best 13 pins.


Senior Brendan Casey (Lowell, MA) is ranked No. 4 at 174 lbs. He is 18-7 with 55 takedowns, four reversals and two pins.


Freshman Kevin Sutherland (Dauphin, PA) is ranked No. 4 at 149 lbs. He is 27-10 with 40 takedowns, 11 reversals, 26 near-falls and four pins.


Freshman Brian Hoyt (Sussex, NJ) is ranked No. 4 at 125 lbs. He is 9-7 with 20 takedowns, 11 reversals, 10 near-falls and five pins.


Freshman Travis Drappi (West Orange, NJ) is ranked No. 5 at 133 lbs. He is 22-10 with 37 takedowns, seven reversals, 16 near-falls and seven pins.


Head Coach Jay Jonesí team finished the regular season with a 16-4 overall record, was 11-3 against New England Wrestling Association (NEWA) opponents and 4-2 in the Pilgrim Wrestling League.